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* Listen *
Track 1: Electric Candles - Nate's New Formula - Recorded at Blue Jay Recording Studios in Carisle MA 1996
Track 2: Electric Candles - Take Your Chances - Recorded at Blue Jay Recording Studios in Carisle MA 1996
Track 3: Gary Backstrom Band - The Story(instrumental section),The Attic Newton MA,05-26-06
Track 4: Gary Backstrom Band - (Instrumental), The Paradise, Boston MA,07-01-06
Track 5: Gary Backstrom Band - Tell it Like it is(instrumental section),The Attic Newton MA, 01-27-05
Track 6: Trilogy - OuterLimits, Bow River Studio NH, 12-20-92
Track 7: Gary Backstrom Band - Good Day(Jam),Harpers Ferry Allston MA,01-09-09
Track 8: Trilogy - Trilogy, Bow River Studio NH, 12-20-92
Track 9: Jeremy Esposito & Jamie Edwards(from Our Lady Peace) with self-made electronic drums, 1993
Track 10: Cuban Jazz Project - Jam1, Fire Place, Brookline MA 2006
Track 11: Cuban Jazz Project - Jam1, Fire Place, Brookline MA 2006
Track 12: Hipology - Make-It-Funky(jam), Strange Brew NH, 2004
Track 13: Hipology - All Blues(jam), Strange Brew NH, 2004
Track 14: Y2K Buggin' Recorded at Paul Venezia's Studio, Carlisle, MA, 1999
Track 15: Jim Weider Band - Twister, Live at the Crouching Tiger Manchester CT 2003
Track 16: Rust Never Sleeps - Bring You Down Jam, Live B.B. Kings NYC 2008
Track 17: Rust Never Sleeps - Weekend Jam, Live B.B. Kings NYC 2008
Track 18: Rust Never Sleeps - Big Time Jam, Live B.B. Kings NYC 2008

* Current Gig Schedule *

BAND: Sun Jones
BAND: Rust Never Sleeps


* Current Projects *

1. Jeremy Esposito Drumming Recordings

MP3 Collection/Release

This is a collection of music that covers some of the my most memorable and favorite moments I've had during my professional music career.

It's a consistant work in progress so check back for updates/new tunes.

Available for streaming and download! Jeremy Esposito Drumming on


Jeremy Octavius Esposito was born October 8, 1972 and raised in the small town of Oxford Connecticut. By the age of 2, Jeremy already showed great interest in music. His father's record and reel-to-reel collection exposed him to fundamental rock and roll bands such as Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Roxy Music and Traffic. Jeremy played along to the music using wooden spoons and empty cans arranged in a drumset pattern. Soon, Jeremy had his own record player (lest any more of his father's turntable needles get destroyed). Jeremy's first record was "The Yes Album".

When Jeremy was 6 years old, his father bought him his first practice pad and sticks. Jeremy kept time and beat to his favorite band, KISS. Jeremy's uncle, a musician and recording engineer, taught him his first drum beat to ZZ Top's "Nation Wide" on the studio drumset. Soon, Uncle Mike gifted Jeremy a four piece practice pad set allowing Jeremy to advance skills by playing along to his burgeoning record collection which included such 70's rock and roll favorites as: Yes, Deep Purple, the J. Giels Band, and the aforementioned KISS.

By age 8, while still rooted in rock, his interest in bands was becoming more progressive. He began to learn the beats and fills Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Rush, Bebop Deluxe, Brand X, Frank Zappa and many more.

When Jeremy was 9 years old, MTV entered his living room. Jeremy honed his skills by playing along with the music videos of The Buggles (Video Killed the Radio Star), David Bowie, Rush, The Cars and everything else which came in on that wave.

Jeremy's rebellious early teenage years were marked by intrigue with the technicality of Heavy Metal. He and his accomplices collaborate to mimic tunes by Metallica, Iron Maiden, and more gruesome stuff.

While in high school, Jeremy made his first live performance in concert at "The Strand" in Seymour, Connecticut. His video-taped drum solo remains part of his present media collection. At this time, Jeremy began to develop an appreciation for Jazz which ultimately brought him to Boston and the Berklee College of Music. While attending Berklee, Jeremy landed his first professional gig with The Standing Hamptons. He played 6 nights a week in the Boston and Cape Cod area.

Next, Jeremy joined The Candles which maintained a 5 night a week schedule.

Whether because of or in spite of such a schedule, Jeremy graduated Berklee College of Music in 1996.

After Graduating Berklee, Jeremy joined The Knot (formerly Slipknot) which maintained a 2-3 night a week schedule.

By age 27, Jeremy's strong interest in Jazz and a developed appreciation for Funk make joining Hipology a weekend dream gig even if it meant driving to the southern New Hampshire area where the band enjoys its most devout following.

Ten years of playing improvisational Rock and Jazz has well prepared Jeremy for Sun Jones. (Special thanks to the late Kevin Molloy for writing my bio.)

Drummers/Professors I've studied with:

Vaico Deczi, Skip Hadden, John Ramsey, Larry Finn, Ed Kaspik, Steve Wilkes, Gregorio Bento


Jeremy has played with: The Knot , The Gary Backstrom Band

Currently he plays with: Sun Jones

Check out a few videos of the Gary Backstrom Band on

Tune 1: Santana's Europa: The Gary Backstrom Band

Tune 2: Invisible Jazz Jam: The Gary Backstrom Band

Tune 3: Santana's Europa 2: The Gary Backstrom Band

Tune 4: Blues Jam: The Gary Backstrom Band

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